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Reeves International is a construction management company. It has successfully delivered Overseas Development Assistance infrastructure projects in the Asia and Pacific Region for the past twenty-five years including a wide range of projects in the education, health and justice sectors. We are specialists in delivering projects where operating conditions may include a fledgling construction sector, difficult and remote locations. Reeves has worked closely with all levels of Government, contractors and communities in the design and delivery of construction works, capacity development and the management of remote service procurement.

CBB Envico is our Partner for Water Supply Projects.


News and Updates

Projects Awarded 2017-18





Reeves have been engaged by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for the Fit out of the Australian Embassy in Tokyo.

A three month project that’s aims to ensure the Embassy provides a positive image of Australia, provide a safe and secure environment for staff and their families, and contribute to good working relations between the various agencies operating at the post.





Reeves Envico sign Contract with Solomon Islands Water Authority.

CCB Envico, in joint venture with Reeves International (known as Reeves Envico) have been awarded two major contracts to upgrade Honiara's water infrastructure.

  1. Bulk Water transmission pipeline. Construction of the Titinge to East Kola Bulk Water Transmission Pipeline. That includes pipeline along 5km of terrain that is undulating and steep
  2. East Kola Bulk Water Storage Tank. Contractor to supply and install a 4m/l bolted steel panel water tank and interconnection with the new bulk water main supply.
These projects are part of a $22 million upgrade supported by the Australian Government and will ensure the residents of Honiara have a secured water supply into the future.




Reeves has been engaged by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for the design and construction of a new market facility in Gizo, Solomon Islands. 

Architect Michael McKenna. The redevelopment of the Gizo Market has been identified as an investment priority for the Solomon Islands Growth Program (SIGP) supported by the Australian Government. The market design provides a comprehensive solution, including two new market halls, one new vending kiosk, a central market plaza and new market amenities and services compound. The project seeks to contribute to the SIGP Objectives of (i) Increased private sector investment, (ii) Promotion of growth in the Tourism sector, (iii) Empowering women economically and improving their livelihood security, and (iv) Capacity development of the construction sector, the market vendors and authorities responsible for management of the market facility.


Reeves awarded by the Ministry of Culture and & Tourism the design and Supervision of Auki Tourism Office. 

Architect David Kaunitz. Design of multipurpose tourism office and information Centre. Manage procurement of local building contractors and supervise building construction.



Reeves in association with CCB Envico begin the construction of the new Cassidy airport terminal in Kiritimati, and the refurbishment of the Bonriki international airport terminal in Tarawa, Kiribati. 

These two Projects were awarded by the Pacific Aviation Investment Program, funded by the World Bank. This project will improve the safety, security, efficiency, management and environmental sustainability of airports in Kiribati. Air transport is the most efficient mode of transport in Kiribati due to the distance of its islands (stretches some 4,000 km). The Ministry of Communication, Transport and Tourism Development, through the Civil Aviation Directorate is responsible for both the administration and regulation of the civil aviation sector along with operation of the airports.
Reeves awarded the Design and Build of new Flight Service Tower and Vehicle Storage Building, Funafuti International Airport. 

Architect PAWA. This Projects was awarded by the Pacific Aviation Investment Program funded by the World Bank. Construction begins in 2017 of a new airport services tower and vehicle storage building, with an approximate 144m2 of area. This encompasses new build to house existing fire truck, storage room, mezzanine lunch/office space, toilet and amenities and the flight observation tower.
Reeves signs three year Standing Offer with the Department of Veterans Affairs 
For the Provision of Design, Construction, Project Management and related Services for Minor Works in Overseas Locations for the Office of Australian War Graves.












Projects Nearing Completion:


Construction of new Funafuti International Airport Terminal Tuvalu. 

In partnership with CCB Envico, Reeves has constructed a new Terminal Building at Funafuti International Airport. The scope of works involves the construction and fit-out of Check-in Hall, Departure Lounge, Baggage Reclaim Hall, Passport Check Control, Offices, Amenities and VIP Room. In addition, the works also involves the running of services and install of underground water tank, and the demolition of the existing Funafuti International Airport. The project was awarded by the Pacific Aviation Investment Program, funded by the World Bank.
Construction of Munda Airport Emergency Alternate Status Rescue Fire Fighting Facility, Solomon Islands. 

Reeves is the Contractor for the design and build service for the ARFF building, surrounding pavements and supporting facilities (bulk water and diesel tank facilities, septic tank unit and related in ground services). Supply and erection of a pre-fabricated kit set building, all interior fittings and related fixtures. The project was awarded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
Refurbishment of the Australian Embassy in Yangon, Myanmar. 

Reeves provided independent Project Management and Superintendency Service to the DFAT Overseas Property Office. To manage the Contract for the main Fitout Works, which commenced in September 2016, with construction successfully completed in August 2017.